Laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding

MAGNET Ltd is producing parts for heavy and light equipment manufacturing, as well as complicated components for fine instruments. Our clients always get fast estimations and production, as we commit ourselves to be the best partner for metallic parts outsourcing.

Our products

Protection grill
Front protection grill for an acoustic system. 1,5 mm steel
Mounting bracket
Custom wall mounting bracket. 3 mm steel
Electronic device chassis
Steel electronic device chassis. Steel 1 mm
Parts for mounting equipment
Component for mobile mounting devices. Steel 6 mm, 8 mm
Protection cover
Protection cover for food industry machinery - stainless steel, 1 mm
Electronic device chassis
Assembly chassis for electronic device. Aluminum 2 mm
Complex cutting and bending
Complex part with numerous bends. Steel 4 mm
Agriculture machine parts
Heavy parts for agriculture machines. Steel 12 mm
Fine precision part
Finesse decorative part. Steel 1 mm

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