CNC metalworking in Chernigov

Bending, welding, cutting and other metal processing in our own workshop with high-precision equipment. Complex metalworking at affordable prices and on time.

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    Metal processing on CNC in Chernigov

    In the production workshop of the company “Magnet” offers CNC metalworking services in Chernihiv and the region. Благодаря большому опыту и отличной профессиональной подготовке, мастера фирмы прекрасно справятся с любыми возложенными на них задачами. Нашей целью являются долгосрочные партнерские отношения с клиентами.

    Комплексная металлообработка на станках с ЧПУ обеспечивает серийное и единичное производство деталей из различных видов металла. В процессе изготовления металлоконструкций используются высокоточные станки с программным управлением, благодаря которым конечные изделия не имеют расхождений с параметрами и формой, specified in the technical documentation of the customer.

    We carry out a wide range of works, which include drilling, turning, milling, welding and other types of CNC metal processing.

    Why you need to order metalworking services from us?





    Free preliminary calculation:

    Scheme of working with us

    Send a request or call us

    Discussion of tasks and approval of the drawing

    Cost calculation

    Conclusion of a contract

    Metalworking according to drawings and 3D modeling

    We offer metalworking services according to individual samples and customer drawings. When the need arises, employees of the design department will provide services for the development of technical documentation, on the basis of which the parts will be manufactured. The three-dimensional model allows the recreation of almost any shape of products in full accordance with the agreement.

    CNC metal processing on our own machines

    Production workshop LLC “Magnet” located in g. Bila Tserkva. Here we carry out CNC processing of metal of any volume and complexity., ranging from single to large industrial orders. With the use of high-precision multifunctional equipment, it is possible to manufacture metal structures with an extremely low probability of marriage due to minimal human intervention in the production process..

    Due to precise repeatable operations, CNC metal processing allows producing metal products similar to each other in large quantities. At the same time, one operator can service several machines at the same time..

    Услуги металлообработки в Чернигове
    Обработка металла в Чернигове

    Timing and cost of metalworking

    The use of advanced technologies and the skill of the company's specialists provide high quality services with a minimum investment. The price of CNC metalworking is calculated taking into account a number of factors: from the complexity of manufacturing - to the volume of products. Contact our manager by phone, to find out the exact cost of a specific order.

    Urgent execution is possible due to a well-thought-out organization of the work process, thanks to which metal processing to order is carried out in an extremely short time. On average, the manufacture of metal structures takes no more than 1-2 days with a small amount of production.

    Metal processing to order in Chernigov

    Metalworking to order for residents of the city. Chernihiv is a complete set of processes, which are associated with changing the shape of metal parts and giving them certain physical properties. CNC metalworking under the order allows you to carry out individual orders or produce bulk consignments of goods, taking into account the aesthetic qualities of metal products and personal preferences of customers. New generation machines with automated control are used to carry out the work., which allow the production of parts with an accurate, complex geometric contour.

    Металлообработка на заказ в Чернигове

    Depending on the destination, we make the following types metal products:

    • campfire bowls with a unique design for summer cottages, country houses or restaurants;
    • metal gates in any pattern;
    • spare parts for agricultural machinery;
    • protective covers made of stainless steel;
    • disinfection racks;
    • other details.

    What we work with?



    Stainless steel



    Black metals

    Delivery of finished products

    At the end of the production of metal products, we provide fast and reliable delivery of finished parts. Shipment of the final product to the destination specified by the customer is carried out as by our own motor transport, and postal services. We will deliver products to Chernihiv and the region, as well as:

    Доставка металла Украина


    • To quickly receive a miscalculation for your order, upload drawings of finished parts and their flat pattern in DWG or DXF format using the form or send them to

    • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, material type, his brand, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

    • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

    • Drawings must be straight, arcs and polylines. No splines allowed. Enter your contacts (e-mail, telephone), so that we can contact you.