Project Description

Stand WP-1 Series

  • anti-vibration stand for washing machine
  • washing machine rack
  • stand for washing machine
  • stands for washing machine

Stand WP-2 Series

Anti-vibration stand for washing machine WP-1 / WP-2

Modern Magnet LTD washing machine stands are primarily needed, to dampen unwanted vibrations, generated during the operation of the machine. If you are tired of noisy washing and are afraid of damage to the floor covering, then buying such a stand will be a great solution.

  • The universal support under the washing machine (with horizontal loading) will help to organize space of your room and will make operation of the washing machine more convenient. Storing, filling and washing a dryer or washing machine has never been so convenient and easy, without bending over.
  • Stand / stand for washing machine Magnet LTD is universally suitable for all washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.
  • The stand is made of powder-coated steel and has different sizes. Dimensions: see. Photo.
  • Ease and speed of assembly. The stand has a collapsible design. The components are interconnected by screws and nuts. The assembly process is fast and does not require special tools and skills.
  • Low noise and vibration. Rubber anti-vibration thrust bearings on the legs protect the washing machine from slipping.
  • Protection against floods and inundation. It is designed for optimal protection from water in the basement.
  • Has a storage compartment (has a shelf in the WP-2 model). Additional space for storing washing powder, cleaning utensils, etc.
  • Load capacity: 200 kg. 3 years of manufacturer's warranty.
WP-1 Stand height 400 mm
WP-2 Stand height 500 mm + shelf


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