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Biofireplace of the FF-1 series

Biofireplace of the FF-2 series

Biofireplace FF-1 / FF-2

Biofireplace of the FF-1 series (FF-2) – a desktop variant of a biofireplace from the European producer Magnet. It has a compact and modern design.

  • Glass walls on both sides give an excellent overview of the fire and make the biofireplace safe to use (for FF-1).
  • Biofireplaces are made of steel coated with high-quality powder heat-resistant fireplace paint. The fuel torch tank is made of thick stainless steel, which is not subject to thermodeformation and corrosion. The safe capacity of the biofireplace with the absorbing insert does not allow to spill out of fuel even as a result of casual overturning of the biofireplace, and also allows to reduce a fuel consumption. The bio-fireplace can be absolutely safely extinguished and re-ignited by means of the fixed cover latch.
  • The fireplace runs on environmentally friendly cleaned fuel.
  • Additional costs for installing of the hood / chimney are not required, as no smoke is formed during combustion.
  • The small size of the product makes the biofireplace convenient and it can be installed anywhere. The product is assembled quickly and easily. The product is available in two colors.


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