Project Description

Biofireplace of the FF-1 series

Biofireplace of the FF-2 series

Biofireplace FF-1 / FF-2

Biofireplace of the FF-1 series (FF-2) – desktop version of a compact bio-fireplace to order from a European manufacturer Magnet. Has a modern design.

  • Glass walls on both sides give an excellent overview of the fire and make the biofireplace safe to use (for FF-1).
  • Biofireplaces are made of steel coated with high-quality powder heat-resistant fireplace paint. The fuel torch tank is made of thick stainless steel, which is not subject to thermodeformation and corrosion. The safe capacity of the biofireplace with the absorbing insert does not allow to spill out of fuel even as a result of casual overturning of the biofireplace, and also allows to reduce a fuel consumption. The bio-fireplace can be absolutely safely extinguished and re-ignited by means of the fixed cover latch.
  • The fireplace runs on environmentally friendly cleaned fuel.
  • Additional costs for installing of the hood / chimney are not required, as no smoke is formed during combustion.
  • The small size of the product makes the biofireplace convenient and it can be installed anywhere. The product is assembled quickly and easily. The product is available in two colors.


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The main difference between biofireplaces and traditional ones is the type of fuel used - alcohol or bioethanol.. In the process of their combustion, no hazardous combustion products are formed.: smoke, soot and carbon monoxide, therefore, such fireplaces do not need a chimney. Wherein, liquid fuel does not burn, and its vapors mixed with atmospheric oxygen, which determines the high degree of safety during operation. The combustion products are steam and carbon dioxide., completely harmless to the human body.

CNC equipment is widely used in the manufacturing process of biofireplaces, in particular, laser cutting and metal bending, as well as welding work. To ensure a high degree of resistance to corrosion processes, the surface of metal parts is thoroughly cleaned before painting..

Production of bio-fireplaces to order: process

The process of industrial production of biofireplaces consists of many stages, which may differ significantly depending on the design and manufacturer.

However, the basic sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Design project development (sketch) and drawing up on its basis a technical drawing indicating all the necessary dimensions. It is recommended to place the glass at a distance of at least 150 mm from an open flame to avoid its cracking due to temperature deformations.
  2. Creating a fuel block. Any metal box that provides the required tightness of the structure can be used as a container.. The internal volume is filled with porous ceramic filler. In the upper part, it is necessary to provide protection against splashing of fuel in the form of low sides.
  3. Installation of a protective and decorative glass casing. Depending on the power, it can be used as a special tempered glass, and ordinary window thickness not less than 3-4 mm.
  4. Depending on the design requirements, natural stones can be used to decorate the burning area..

Particular attention in the production is paid to the reliability of the anti-corrosion coating.. For this, powder paint is used., and the base surface is carefully prepared.

Biofireplaces produced by MAGNET

We have developed a universal model, which has become very popular among our customers. Experience shows, it is the rectangular shape of the base in biofireplaces that is the most stable. Also, a wide flame comes out through the rectangular burner outlet, which gives enough light.

Since we are a full-cycle enterprise in metalworking, that pri production of biofireplaces we create a design from scratch, therefore we guarantee its high quality. As a result, the price of a custom-made biofuel fireplace in our company will be lower, than buying in a store, who only sells.

Features of the operation of biofireplaces

The use of biofireplaces and their operation has certain features:

  • The device must be installed on a level surface.. The base material must be non-combustible;
  • During use, an open flame of a biofireplace absorbs a certain amount of oxygen, Therefore, the room needs systematic ventilation.. K is not recommended for use in rooms with a total area of less than 20 m2.;
  • The tank is filled with biofuel no more than 2/3 from full volume;
  • After the initial ignition, the height of the flame and the temperature can only be blown into operation after 7-110 i;
  • The device should be installed at a distance 1-2 m. from textile materials: curtains, tulle, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc..

Should be remembered, that the addition of fuel during combustion or immediately after an unopened flame is prohibited. It is also unacceptable to extinguish the flame with water.. For this, there is a special damper provided by the design of the biofireplace..

Glass biofireplace with delivery throughout Ukraine from MAGNET

You can order from us withmodern bio fireplaces to order with delivery throughout Ukraine. Based on the characteristics, you can choose a biofireplace of the FF-1 or FF-2 series and leave a request on the website. Ready glass bio fireplaces will be sent by a logistics carrier to the recipient or you can pick up your purchase from Bila Tserkva.