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Production of metal housings for electronics

Изготовление металлических корпусов

Manufacturing of metal cases for electrical appliances to order from thin sheet metal (1 mm).

Metal working company "MAGNET" is engaged production of metal cases for various electrical appliances to order according to your drawings. We provide a full production cycle, from design, laser cutting, to painting finished metal case if necessary. We send orders across Ukraine, Europe and America.

We accept orders of any complexity, that will be completed exactly on time with the appropriate quality, thanks to high-tech equipment and many years of experience.

Case production times: by agreement

The price of metal cases depends on:

  • scope of work;
  • complexity of work;
  • type and thickness of material;
  • additional types of machining.
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The production facilities of the MAGNET company allow the production of large batches of metal cases, and thanks to an integrated approach, it is possible to manufacture a product of any required shape.

Examples of electrical appliances for which we manufacture cases:

  • housings for radio electronic equipment (REA);
  • enclosures for server hardware;
  • enclosures for audio amplifiers;
  • enclosures for industrial air conditioning systems;
  • enclosures for instrumentation (instrumentation and automation);
  • cases of gaming machines and terminals.

The above are examples, this list is not limited to almost anything. For manufacturing order, fill out the application form on this page or contact the contacts listed on the site.

The process of making metal cases

The whole process is carried out in the production of "Magnet", starting from the development of the project itself and the study of drawings, ending with cutting and bending metal. Production is organized on the basis of the latest Italian and Swiss equipment, which allows you to manufacture a metal case of any complexity with high accuracy.

Manufacturing process of metal cases:

  • study of drawings, design;
  • metal laser cutting;
  • metal bending;
  • welding and fastening;
  • body painting.

Manufacturing steps depend on the drawings and may vary. When ordering housings in “MAGNET”, we initially stipulate all the details and working conditions, after which we start to execute. Each product is checked to ensure that it meets quality standards before being shipped to the customer..


  • For quick calculation of the order value, upload drawings of finished parts and their flat pattern in DWG or DXF format using the form or send them to

  • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, material type, his brand, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

  • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

  • Drawings must be straight, arcs and polylines. No splines allowed. Enter your contacts (e-mail, telephone), so that we can contact you.