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Production of frames from a profile pipe

  • chairs from a professional pipe
  • shaped tube coffee table

Chair made of profile pipe

  • table made of shaped pipe and wood
  • a table from a professional pipe

Profile tube table

  • Profile pipe cabinets

Profile pipe cabinets

By the piece we make to order only frames for furniture from a profile pipe.

Full-fledged furniture only for mass production.

  • Tables and cabinets are made on the basis of a metal profile of rectangular section 20x40 mm.
  • Сovered with black powder paint.
  • Easily assembled structure (see assembly instructions, office tables are mostly welded.), which does not take much time.
  • Supplemented with plywood countertops and shelves (14 mm), MDF (at the customer's request and request).

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Metal furniture was generally used outdoors and in places with severe operating conditions., this is due to its reliability and strength. After the emergence of high-tech and loft styles, she confidently stepped from the street to the offices., restaurants and apartments with designer renovation. Furniture made of profile pipe is durable and very reliable, is able to carry any load and has a fashionable modern look.

Use of profile pipe for furniture

Profile pipe is only rectangular, Triangular, Oval, diamond-shaped and square cross-section. Thanks to additional facets, This product of rolled metal has strength indicators higher than that of a conventional round pipe.

Most often, a rectangular profile pipe is used for the load-bearing parts of furniture, the thickness of the walls of the pipe varies within the boundaries 10 – 40 mm, the more burden it is supposed to be placed on, the thicker the walls should be.

The section itself is usually taken 20x40, this size is universal, suitable for the manufacture of underframes, benches and chairs, Racking. If complex openwork structures are planned, profile pipe is selected thinner, 20x20.

According to the general rules for the manufacture of chairs, stools and coffee tables are used profile 20x40 and 25x40 – its reliability with a margin is enough, in this case, the furniture can be moved if necessary..

For the manufacture of cabinets and racks on the shelves of which there will be a large load, select profile 80х80, with pipe wall thickness from 4 mm. Such furniture will turn out to be heavy and monumental., it is better to put it immediately on the place of permanent residence.

Fasteners are selected based on the dimensions of the pipe: bolts must go inside the elements on 3/4 of its length, or connect the pipes by through fastening, with nut and lock nut. In some cases, welding is used.

Manufacture of furniture from a profile pipe

It is extremely difficult to make frames for metal furniture yourself.: this requires a special tool, usually absent from the home workshop. Company MAGNET professionally and quickly produce furniture from a profile pipe according to drawings.

The process of manufacturing frames from a profile pipe consists of several stages:

  1. Pipes are marked by size, clamped with clamps or visors and cut to the desired size. In the future, the edges of the sections of the ends are smoothed with the help of a fiber disc of the USHM or closed with plugs.. If forms are assumed, different from straight lines, pipes are bent using a pipe bender.
  2. For most frames, strapping is required. It has three types – upper, lower and combined. In some cases, the side elements that are large in plane are additionally reinforced with cruciform or parallel struts., which add extra rigidity.. All corners and joints are carefully ground to avoid traumatic burrs.
  3. The furniture frame is assembled according to the drawing, while paying special attention to the geometric planes of future furniture. After assembly, all roughness is eliminated.
  4. Priming and painting. The priming stage in industrial production is mandatory: After it, the paint will lie much smoother and better., the pipe will acquire a uniform color without spots. In the professional manufacture of metal furniture frames, a method is used powder coating – it most effectively paints complex surfaces and fasteners, creating a dense and durable coating on the parts.

For furniture, intended to be used outdoors, choose a paint with corrosion protection and UV resistance. Frames are traditionally painted black., but in the future, if desired, you can paint the metal parts, thereby updating the appearance of the furniture and fitting it into the new interior.