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Model FP-72 / FP-102

  • Hearth-bowl

Bowl for lighting a fire FP-72 / FP-102

  • Fire bowl in a simple and stylish design in hexagonal shape made of materials of the highest quality. Suitable to hold a large volume of logs, charcoal and firewood.
  • Beautiful summer and winter evenings by the fire are guaranteed with this Magnet LTD FP design fire bowl. Invite friends and family.
  • Diameter 72cm (102 see). Made in Europe. Material: Untreated steel from own production (thickness: approx. 2 mm). 3 years of warranty. Heat resistant up to 500 ° C. Simple and quick assembly.
  • Очаг чаша изготовлена из сырой стали, and therefore gets a typical, decorative rust patina over time, which cannot be avoided, and therefore is no reason for a complaint. That's deliberate and is an additional design element, that is currently very popular.
  • Product parameters: see. picture with dimensions.


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