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Manufacturing of metal brackets

Specially shaped bracket for mounting equipment on the wall. Steel 3 mm It is possible to order a suspension bracket according to individual dimensions from us.

Manufacturing of metal brackets

  • Timing: by agreement
  • The cost depends on:
    – scope of work;
    – complexity of work;
    – type and thickness of material;
    – additional types of machining.
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In modern construction it is difficult to overestimate the use of metal brackets. In installation, installation of various types of structures, appliances and objects, this indispensable fastener is used. It allows you to hold any objects on a vertical plane. The metal bracket is used not only in construction, but also in everyday life, in the implementation of design ideas.

Manufacturing of metal brackets

Quality fasteners – This is a heavy duty metal bracket.. The action of its mechanism is to resist shear and shear of the metal – fastener material.

The main types of metal brackets:

  • welded – most popular, provide excellent load-bearing capacity, with their help you can realize many ideas of fasteners;
  • bent – used for light loads, in the joints of parts of certain structures and in their adjustment. This-, Mr.- and U-shaped, light brackets;
  • prefabricated – combine the two previous types, since they also have bent parts, and welds.

In the production of metal fasteners – brackets apply phased technology. It includes the manufacture of blanks by cutting sheet metal. You can do this in different ways – or plasma, or laser cutting, using a laser beam or plasma jet. Preference is mainly given to cutting with a laser beam using a machine. So you can get a large number of blanks with clean, smooth edges.

The next steps to obtain a finished fastener element will be the manufacture of the necessary holes, welding parts and their processing. Additional assembly may be required. And now such a metal bracket, necessary in different areas of our life, is ready to fulfill its function..

Technical features of production

A necessary element for fastening various parts in production, construction and life, metal bracket requires precise and meticulous manufacturing. For its manufacture, it is necessary to carry out cutting work with metal, assembly and processing.

Production process of custom metal brackets:

  • Cutting sheet metal. Here it is used as a plasma, as well as laser. And that, and other technologies involve thermal effects on the metal, that is, its heating. With the help of a laser machine, the beam-cutter moves along the contour of the future workpiece and precisely cuts out the part.. You can also make the necessary holes with a laser.
  • A necessary condition for the execution of the elements of the bracket according to the draft drawing is the accuracy of cutting the workpiece. Since the laser beam is focused at a point with a diameter of 1 micron, its margin of error is minimal. – details are obtained perfectly accurate in accordance with the declared drawing. The contours of the workpiece are clear and even.
  • Details of the metal bracket are welded together to obtain a one-piece structure.
  • Bracket surface can be treated for anti-corrosion properties – painted or powder coated.

The finished product is then handed over to the customer..

When properly manufactured, a metal bracket can withstand a significant load.. High-quality fasteners do not break even at the limit of their ability to support the weight of the structure. Such a product can only be deformed when overloaded., but will not destroy the held object.


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