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Metalworking » Portfolio » Exhibition, advertising rack (FMD-20, FMD-45), rack (FMR-20), stand (TMD-20)

Exhibition, advertising rack (FMD-20, FMD-45), rack (FMR-20), stand (TMD-20)

Advertising rack FMD-20

Advertising rack FMD-45

FMR-20 stand

Stand TMD-20

FMD hook

  • It is made according to the standard sizes, and also there is a possibility of production under the order according to parameters of the customer.
  • It is completed with standard elements: shelves, hooks (and non-standard elements under needs of the customer).
  • Assembled and disassembled on the principle of the designer in minutes.
  • Hinged elements: shelves, hooks – adjustable in height and width.
  • Basically, perforated panels.


The cost: under the order

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Exhibition, advertising rack (FMD-20, FMD-45) is complemented by shelves (MSD-20, MSD-45 respectively):

Shelf MSD-20 for advertising rack FMD-20

Shelf MSD-45 for advertising rack FMD-45