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Spare parts for agricultural machinery

Production of spare parts for agricultural machinery to order according to drawings. Solid gears for agricultural machines. Steel 12 mm

spare parts for agricultural machinery

  • Timing: by agreement
  • The cost depends on:
    – scope of work;
    – complexity of work;
    – type and thickness of material;
    – additional types of machining.
  • We produce for all Ukraine and Europe with delivery.
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Even modern agricultural machinery from trusted manufacturers can fail at some point or cease to perform the tasks effectively.. Repair requires metal parts. They can be produced by various metalworking methods..

Most often it is:

To give the product a complete look, related work is required. Next, you'll find out, how such products are created.

Technical features of production

It all starts with learning the blueprints, which specify all the basic parameters. It is important to observe them with accuracy, as agricultural spare parts are subjected to peak loads. Importantly, so that the components do not wear out quickly enough, which may reduce functionality.

In production spare parts for agricultural machinery high-strength metal alloys are used, high-quality gasket materials and rubber. In order to, to increase the wear resistance of parts, they undergo special thermal procedures. Usually it's hardening, which increases the performance of components under high loads.

Anti-corrosion compound is applied to the surface. It gives protection against adverse environmental conditions. Quite often, customers cannot provide drawings. In this case, the company will use its own developments. It will select the optimal spare part for a certain model of agricultural machinery.

What components are produced?

Usually, enterprises create dozens of different varieties of spare parts..

The following are particularly common::

  • Gears (Gross, with circular tooth);
  • Rings, Pins, Pulleys;
  • sprockets for drive chains;
  • Case, For example, for bearings;
  • Washers, Drums, Studs;
  • Running, Installation, adjustment screws.

How production is carried out?

Ideally, you need to provide the selected organization with a sample or drawings. If neither is, then you should answer a few questions. For example, for the driveshaft, it is required to determine the load on the driveshaft. It is also necessary to choose the appropriate type of D-pad from different sides., connecting node, Protection (fork or clutch), Length. There are also differences in configuration.. The cardan shaft can be supplied with protective cover, and without it.

At the preliminary stage, you will discuss all the points with the employee. This is necessary in order to, so that you are satisfied with the order made. Spare parts must clearly perform certain functions.