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Acoustic protective mesh

Front speaker grill (acoustic protective mesh). Steel 1.5 mm

Manufacturing of protective acoustic mesh

  • Timing: by agreement
  • The cost depends on:
    – scope of work;
    – complexity of work;
    – type and thickness of material;
    – additional types of machining.
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Acoustic mesh performs several functions at once:

  • Protecting the speaker from mechanical stress - especially important for car speaker systems, if animals are often transferred in the cabin or children drive;
  • Enhance appearance - add the finishing touch and help to harmoniously fit the speaker system into the interior of a car or room through a variety of shapes, colors, the number of cells and their shapes, etc.;
  • Extends speaker life. Reduces speaker pollution, which extends the service life.

Features of design and use

When choosing the design of a protective acoustic mesh, many users prefer easily removable models.. In their opinion, the presence of such an obstacle degrades the sound quality.. And they prefer to temporarily remove protection while listening.

However, speaker grills, offered by the company "MAGNET" are characterized by acoustic transparency and do not adversely affect sound waves. Thanks to the special shape of the mesh meshes, they optimally disperse sound, forming a stable radiation pattern, which can be used to distribute sound waves in a room or car interior.

Depending on the shape of the model, the mesh can completely cover the front panel of the speaker system, changing her appearance. Or be shaped like speakers, coincide with them along the contour. Depending on the color and structure, this protection may, how to select a speaker system, and disguise it, making invisible.

Production technology of protective acoustic grids

Sheet steel or metal alloys are used as the material for the manufacture of acoustic protective grids., with sufficient strength. Equipment, used in the production process, has a high degree of automation, which has a positive effect on the quality of the product..

In the production of acoustic meshes, the following production processes are used:

  • Cutting a steel sheet - a machine is used for cnc laser cutting. It provides high dimensional accuracy and cutting cleanliness.. Eliminates the need for additional processing of the ends;
  • Bending, stamping - as a rule, acoustic grids have curvilinear shapes. Various devices can be used for shaping: bending machines or presses;
  • Perforation – for sheet metal punching, which ensures optimal acoustic transparency, CNC laser machine used. They provide a wide range of sizing options., shapes and locations of holes on the plane. A circle can act as holes, oval, hexagon, square or rectangle. Holes can be arranged in straight rows, offset or structured.
  • Anti-corrosion protection – Powder coating is used to protect metal from rust.. This provides a high degree of resistance to external influences..

Thanks to the painstaking approach of MAGNET metalworking specialists, products are created of the highest quality.. We manufacture protective acoustic meshes of any complexity to order, according to your drawings.


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