Hand disinfection stands and stands

Metalworking company «MAGNET» in Ukraine manufactures racks for disinfection to order, according to your drawings or ready-made layouts. You can buy racks for disinfection in various options: desktop, floor, mobile, for automatic and manual dispensers. We manufacture products for the Ukrainian and European markets with the delivery of finished products as soon as possible.

Use of hand sanitizer stands

The need for disinfection stands has increased dramatically due to the global pandemic and government requirements to install special disinfectant dispensers in public places., in particular – catering establishments. Currently, for residents of Ukraine, antiseptics have already become a daily routine and handling hands, if possible, has become a daily habit.

Where are antiseptic stands installed:

  • catering establishments;
  • retail stores with goods of any type;
  • educational institutions;
  • cultural and entertainment establishments;
  • sport complexes;
  • public transport.

Also in other establishments.. It is recommended to place the antiseptic dispenser at the entrance, as well as at the cash desks and points of issue of orders. For reliable fixation of the dispenser on the surface, it is recommended to use special metal stands or racks..