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Aluminum processing on a high precision milling machine

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    Milling of aluminum parts in MAGNET

    The MAGNET company is located in the Kyiv region, in the city of Bila Tserkva, therefore easily accessible to clients from Kyiv and the region. We specialize in providing services for custom milling of aluminum and other metals. Our production facilities allow us to implement projects of varying complexity and scale, offering customers high precision work and complete absence of defects.

    In the field of metalworking, we have become a reliable partner for many companies and individuals, Therefore, the benefits of working with MAGNET include:

    • Fast processing and meeting deadlines. Each project is analyzed in detail, after which our side announces preliminary deadlines for completing the task. It is possible to place an urgent order by milling of sheet aluminum. Projects with different numbers of output parts are launched into production, including production of large batches available.
    • Modern equipment. Availability of numerically controlled machines (CNC) significantly increases production capabilities, and also ensures high accuracy of work.
    • Economic benefits for customers. Owning your own CNC machines allows you to minimize the cost of services, making them as competitive and accessible to customers as possible.

    MAGNET accepts custom projects of any complexity, offering flexible solutions for each technical task. Thanks to advanced technologies and experienced specialists, clients receive guaranteed quality and prompt execution of orders.

    Scope of application of aluminum milling work from MAGNET

    Advertising industry — creation of outdoor advertising elements, signs, in the bottle

    Furniture manufacturing — manufacturing of accessories, decorative elements

    Interior design - decorative elements in various styles, from hi-tech to Provence

    Souvenir products - production of unique jewelry and decorative items

    Aluminum milling: process features

    Aluminum, known for its unique chemical and physical properties, stands at the center of many industrial processes. This metal is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, corrosion and retains its structural characteristics under changes in temperature and pressure. Its silver color, low specific gravity and sufficient strength allow you to obtain durable and practical parts. The metal is quite soft, which makes it susceptible to the formation of dents and scratches, especially if handled incorrectly and carelessly. To achieve high quality metal processing process CNC milling of aluminum is divided into two main stages.

    First stage

    At the initial stage, rough work is carried out, where the workpiece is given an approximate shape. It is important to choose the right cutter, which will allow you to achieve an approximate shape of the product according to the project.

    At the same time, machines for CNC milling of aluminum must meet strict requirements: be robust and have a heavy bed to minimize vibrations, which ensures processing accuracy. Servo motors are the preferred motor type, as they provide more powerful and stable motion control. Engine power directly affects the speed and quality of aluminum cutting.

    Second phase

    The second stage is finishing milling work on aluminum. The part is brought to the specified shapes and sizes, indicated in the drawings. Here additional nozzles are used to create the desired holes and improve the surface quality.

    We offer professional aluminum milling, in which special cutters with special sharpening are used. They differ in the way they project, which minimizes the adhesion of soft chips and prevents overheating of the rotary part of the tool.

    Milling work on metal of any complexity. Order a preliminary calculation!

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    Advantages of processing aluminum on a CNC milling machine

    CNC milling of aluminum has the following advantages::

    • ability to perform work of any complexity and scale;

    • advanced functionality for creating different types of grooves, grooves, differing in cross-sectional profile;

    • elimination of cutting defects, like bullies, roughness, unevenness;

    • availability of high-speed processing, reducing work completion time.

    Фрезерная обработка алюминия - Magnet

    Options for CNC milling of aluminum

    Processing aluminum on a milling machine includes a wide range of techniques for producing parts with different properties. Depending on the selected cutter type, special grooves are created on the surface of the workpiece, determining the final characteristics of the product:

    • Drilling and boring holes - achieved by using cutters with cutting teeth to form holes with high precision according to the design.
    • thread milling - specialized processing to create spiral surfaces using end, comb and disc cutters.
    • Cutting and cutting procedure - this process involves breaking materials into separate fragments, using it as a finger, and disc cutting elements.
    • Manufacturing of spline elements and gears — various cutters are used to create splined shafts and various gears, including shaped, disk, grooved, worm.

    Examples of our milling work

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    • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, material type, his brand, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

    • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

    • Drawings must be straight, arcs and polylines. No splines allowed. Enter your contacts (e-mail, telephone), so that we can contact you.