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    Copper — material, which is easy to process and occupies an important place in industrial production due to its unique properties. It is highly resistant to corrosion in various environments: air, fresh and salt water, and also does not react with alkaline solutions, therefore, this non-ferrous metal has become indispensable in many industries. However, to ensure flawless processing results, it is necessary to use modern and high-precision equipment, and also choose the best methods for working with metal. Processing copper on a milling machine designed to produce products with high accuracy of compliance with the design, therefore it is preferred in industry CNC copper milling.

    Demand for copper milling services

    The request for cutting copper sheets is quite popular. In this format, metal is often used to cut flat parts or perform perforation and bending to create a single sheet structure. However, in the process laser cutting the laser beam is reflected from the shiny copper surface, which not only reduces the quality of processing, but it can also damage the device itself with the laser emitter. Therefore it is copper processing on a milling machine is the most preferred and optimal method in production. This method allows you to achieve high precision and quality of metal processing, fulfill orders for large quantities in a minimum time period.

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    Technological process of copper milling in MAGNET

    We actively use advanced technologies for copper processing, including 3D milling, that is, the creation of volumetric parts. This process requires a deep understanding of CNC programming approaches..

    Processing copper on a milling machine requires taking into account a number of important aspects, which are distinguished based on the physical properties of the metal, in particular its high ductility. When machining copper with a milling cutter, the tool must meet strict requirements:

    • The cutting part is made exclusively from carbide composition, so that wear is minimal and even, which will not affect the quality of the product.

    • Constant monitoring of the sharpness of the tool, to ensure clean and precise cuts.

    • Maintaining optimal feed speed and spindle speed, as well as the shape of the forming chips.

    • Continuous removal of chips from the cutting zone using the cutter's spiral flutes.

    Process copper milling at MAGNET is carried out using the latest European and Japanese equipment, which ensures high processing accuracy and prevents defects. We use copper alloys in their pure form, and with additional impurities, Therefore, we adapt the machines for each batch of workpieces, Thanks to this, the output parts are free of nicks and defects.

    Preparation of the CNC machine plays an important role in the successful completion of work.. Before launching each batch, our company’s technologists make accurate calculations of possible processing modes and enter them into the “operational map”. We also carefully control the production process, using cutting fluids (coolant), in particular WD-40, for equalizing temperatures and removing chips.

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    We are ready to take on orders of any degree of complexity and urgency., offering also to our clients the development of unique drawings, as well as work on ready-made customer projects. Processing copper on a milling machine can be implemented as an independent stage in the production of parts, and is included in the wider production process. "MAGNET" is a company with a full production cycle, which allows us to place orders with an integrated approach to metal machining. To discuss the project, leave a request on the website.

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