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    Stainless steel milling considered a labor-intensive process due to the physical properties of the material itself. Metal has poor thermal conductivity, prone to surface hardening and exhibits viscoplastic behavior during processing. As a result, machining at high cutter speeds becomes almost impossible., as this can lead to the formation of build-up on the edges of the part, and in the case of drilling - to jamming of long chips in the grooves.

    That is why, to achieve high quality when milling become it is important to carefully plan the technology used. Our company has its own workshop with numerically controlled machines (CNC). This option automates the control of cutting processes, guaranteeing high precision and ability to copy parts.

    MAGNET specialists pay special attention to the development of technological processes CNC milling of stainless steel, including:

    • Selecting cutter geometry, which allows you to reduce the load on the tool and avoid general overheating.

    • Perfection of the cooling and waste removal system - achieved through the use of cooling channels or shanks with coolant outlet, what is necessary for optimal tool temperature and effective removal of chips from the cutting zone.

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    Steel processing methods

    Stainless steel is durable, water corrosion resistant material, wherein processing on a milling machine becomes more complicated due to the tendency to deform at high temperatures. It is these factors that make it difficult stainless steel milling, since increased heat generation during processing can lead to the formation of defects on the surface being processed.

    MAGNET technologies to achieve high quality CNC milling of stainless steel take an integrated approach, because it allows you to achieve optimal results. In work it is used:

    • Use of precision-ground carbide tools. These tools have high temperature resistance, so make the cut correctly, reducing heat generation and preventing workpiece deformation.

    • Optimization of machine operating modes. By adjusting the cutting parameters, such as cutting depth and feed speed, it is possible to improve heat dissipation by increasing the volume of removed chips.

    • Selecting the right cutting fluid. The use of special fluids with a high oil content and maintaining optimal supply pressure improves heat dissipation and increases machine productivity.

    The processing of steel also depends on its composition. In practice at MAGNET we use processing steel on a milling machine two types:

    • Ferritic alloys, which are characterized by limited machinability due to their structure, more often used to create household parts.
    • Martensitic alloys, containing more chromium and carbon. These alloys are more amenable to heat treatment and require tools with high heat resistance and rigidity to prevent distortion.
    фрезерная обработка металла

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    Manufacturing large batches identical parts

    High accuracy works and quality details

    Processing of workpieces from various metals

    Manufacturing details any configuration and difficulties

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    Advantages of milling stainless steel on CNC machines

    The use of numerically controlled machines provides a number of significant advantages, including the ability to create products of complex geometric shapes without the risk of defects and with minimal time costs. CNC metalworking services are especially in demand in industrial sectors. Such steel milling has main advantages:

    • minimum production time;
    • high precision products;
    • ability to perform work of any complexity.

    Our machines are equipped with the latest technological capabilities, including 3D systems for the most accurate modeling and production.

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    Why is it worth collaborating with MAGNET?

    Our company offers services for stainless steel milling for industrial and private orders. To find out the cost of work, just send us a drawing of your project for calculation. We are ready to fulfill orders in any volume: from small batches to large production series. All finished products are sent to customers throughout Ukraine, therefore our services are particularly accessible. The MAGNET office and production facilities are located in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region.

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    • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

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