Sheet metal bending

We bend sheet metal exactly on time, with maximum accuracy and 100% compliance with the drawings.

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    Sheet metal bending services

    Metal bending. One of the main applications for sheet metal is the fabrication of bent sheet metal parts. Cases of various products, electronic devices, protective covers of machines and mechanisms, as well as racks, cabinets, shelves and boxes are made of bent sheet metal. The MAGNET company performs bending metal of any complexity using high-precision CNC machines.

    Our production is located in the Kiev region, Belaya Tserkov. We accept orders from all over Ukraine. We carry out delivery.

    Timing and cost of sheet metal bending:

    • Terms of work: from 1 day
    • materials: provided by the customer, or discussed
    • The cost depends on:
      - the complexity of the part;
      - circulation;
      - the type and thickness of the material;
      - other types of mechanical processing.

    Why do you need to order sheet metal bending services from us?





    Metal bending to order. Order a preliminary calculation:

    The main advantages of sheet metal bending at the MAGNET company in Belaya Tserkov:

    • Bending works Pgo seamlessthat require additional processing.

    • No defectsas after welding.
    • High degree of accuracy manufacturing using high-precision CNC machines.
    • High performance and imparting additional rigidity to products by creating a kind of "stiffening ribs" on the folds.

    • High quality fold surface without microcracks and damage to the upper metal layer, which eliminates the likelihood of corrosion.
    • Opportunity fulfillment large volumes of work.
    • We carry out metal bending of any complexity.

    Sheet metal bending machine

    Bystronic Xpert 150 equipment (Switzerland)

    • Maximum bending length: 3000 mm
    • Bending force: 150 tons
    • Maximum workpiece thickness: 8 mm
    • Обеспечивает точность гибки металла до 0,05 мм.

    Scheme of working with us

    Send a request or call us

    Discussion of tasks and approval of the drawing



    гибка металла любой сложности

    С какими металлами работаем?

    Выполняем работы по гибке с такими металлами и сплавами:

    • Оцинкованная сталь

    • Нержавеющие листы стали

    • Aluminum

    • Black metals

    • Brass

    • Медь

    Вы получаете изделия нужной формы и размера при 100% соответствии чертежу

    Sheet metal bending - CALCULATION

    complex sheet metal bending

    Чтобы точно сделать расчет стоимости гибки металла и сроки выполнения услуги, нам необходимо знать полную информацию об изделии, которое хотите получить. Вы можете отправить все имеющиеся чертежи и фотографии на электронный адрес или прикрепить файл в форме ниже. Цена гибки листового металла определяется:

    • complexity of work,
    • order volume.
    • Terms of work: from 1 day

    To calculate the exact cost of metal bending, fill out the form:


    • To quickly receive a miscalculation for your order, download the drawings of finished parts and their flat pattern in DWG or DXF format using the form or send them to

    • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, the type of material, its grade, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

    • Do not use special characters (quotes, brackets, dashes) and Cyrillic characters in the file name.

    • Drawings should be made with straight lines, arcs and polylines. The use of splines is not allowed. Indicate your contacts (e-mail, phone) so that we can contact you.