Laser cutting of aluminum

Laser cutting of aluminum with “surgical” precision and minimal material consumption.

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    Company «MAGNET» is a leader in providing services laser cutting for aluminum, ensuring high-precision execution of technical specifications. Today, aluminum alloys are widely used in everyday life and industry due to their lightness., strength and corrosion resistance, therefore requests for manufacturing of parts from these raw materials come often. Access to services laser cutting for aluminum to the company «MAGNET» guarantees, that even the most complex projects will be completed with exceptional precision and quality. Many enterprises choose this method and our company, because we are ready to work with individual tasks, fulfill orders of various sizes, achieving the specified unique characteristics of products in their work, necessary for their further operation.

    Laser cutting of aluminum: technology features

    This is a complex process due to the unique physical and chemical properties of the metal itself.. Aluminum has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, making it more difficult to cut, how, For example, steel. Unlike steel, aluminum scatters laser beam, which requires the use of more powerful lasers to achieve the required accuracy and cut quality. Therefore we use high precision CNC machines with high power lasers.

    The molecular structure of aluminum is softer and more ductile compared to hard ferrous metals, which also makes laser cutting difficult. That's why, to achieve perfect results, computer laser control is used, which gives maximum accuracy of actions.

    Laser cutting of aluminum begins with placing the sheet on a special installation, where it does not require additional fastening, which simplifies the process. The speed of the laser directly depends on the thickness of the sheet, and usually cutting is carried out slowly to eliminate defects on the surface of the finished product. The laser head does not touch the material, as in working with other metals. A high-quality circuit is achieved through gas purging, which removes molten shavings during the procedure.

    This technology allows you to cut products of almost any shape, overriding the limitations of older methods. The operation of computer-controlled machines eliminates the human factor and minimizes the likelihood of errors. This is the main approach to automating the production process, increasing productivity and processing accuracy.

    Advantages of laser cutting aluminum

    • Localized heating - laser point action on the surface of the workpiece prevents deformation of the edge of the part.

    • Precision cutting and full forming.

    • Clean contour - no residual metal particles around the edges of the finished part, which does not require additional cleaning.

    • Saving materials – the ability to optimize cutting as much as possible, which reduces waste.

    • Quick preparation - to start work you only need an adapted project.

    • Automation and speed – in terms of cost per unit parts, the price for cutting aluminum with a laser is minimal.

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    Process and capabilities of laser cutting of aluminum sheets on Bystronic Bysprint machines

    Modern production standards require equipment flexibility, so that you can carry out individual projects to order. We prefer to use multifunctional machines, That's why we work on Swiss machines for laser cutting of aluminum sheets and other metals from the Bystronic Bysprint brand. Their design and software allow you to achieve maximum accuracy and performance, and also ensure that the metal mass remains unchanged after processing. Unlike steel products, aluminum blanks retain their original mass, since they do not require fixation with locks and are not subject to deformation from the thermal effects of the laser.

    IN «MAGNET» offered laser cutting of aluminum sheets with a maximum size of up to 3000 x 1500 mm and aluminum thickness up to 5 and 8 mm.

    Metal laser cutting machines

    Bystronic Bysprint 3150 (Switzerland)

    Maximum sheet dimensions: 3000 x 1500 mm

    Maximum cutting thickness of aluminum: 8 mm.

    Bystronic Bysprint Fiber 3015 (Switzerland)

    Maximum sheet dimensions: 3000 x 1500 mm

    Maximum cutting thickness of aluminum: 5 mm.

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    Metal laser cutting service at MAGNET

    Cooperation with MAGNET is beneficial due to the ability to process both large, and small batches of products with high accuracy and speed. We are able to adapt to individual customer orders, be it single products or entire series of industrial parts. Additional services, such as engraving and labeling, expand the range of possibilities, offering a complete turnkey solution. All operations are performed at our own production base, which guarantees quality control at every stage of work, and also that, that the price for laser cutting of aluminum will be minimal.

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