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    Features of the stainless steel welding process

    The MAGNET company has been engaged in welding work on stainless steel, using various welding methods. Welding work on stainless steel - process, requiring high qualifications and experience, since any inaccuracies can lead to the unwanted formation of an oxide layer on the metal. It significantly reduces the strength and corrosion resistance of the product.. To prevent it from appearing, it is necessary to strictly follow the welding technology, and in most cases use protective gases.

    In the production of products for the food industry, and industrial use requires high-quality stainless steel welding. Services must be carried out by highly qualified specialists, providing a guarantee for work performed. Moreover, their cost will be in the average price range.

    Depending on the type of metal, type of object and scope of work, our technologists can recommend one of the possible methods:

    Manual welding

    Ideal for small-scale production and repair work, where attention to detail is required. Suitable for most grades of stainless steel and allows welding in hard to reach areas.


    Provides high quality welds and is often used to create critical structures made of steel grades 12Х18Н10Т and similar. This method requires the use of argon gas and tungsten electrodes.

    Using a semi-automatic machine

    Efficient for mass production, because it allows you to speed up the welding process without sacrificing efficiency. Suitable for various types of stainless steel.

    Despite, that the material melts and welds well, with an unprofessional approach, intergranular corrosion may occur. This side effect destroys the metal from the inside, which reduces the load-bearing capacity of the welded joint and, Consequently, the entire final structure.

    When welding stainless steel to order the type of material must be taken into account. For example, Austenitic stainless steel differs from carbon steel in higher electrical resistance, melting point and low thermal conductivity. Working with such steel requires the use of specialized electrodes and precise temperature control.

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    Stainless steel welding services from MAGNET

    We carry out our work quickly and in accordance with quality standards: we will implement 100% weld strength, while ensuring an aesthetic visual appearance of the seams on the finished product. Каждый проект carried out with a full guarantee for all types of work. And thanks to the mobility of the equipment, All three methods are available to clients stainless steel welding.

    Stainless steel welding services from MAGNET start with the preparation of parts, from which the future product will be composed. This stage includes:

    • edge processing;
    • selection of filler material, taking into account its composition and diameter;
    • accurate calculation of the gap between parts to compensate for thermal expansion.

    Also, the MAGNET team always takes into account such nuances of work processes:

    • uses non-contact arc ignition to prevent tungsten from entering the weld pool;
    • has the ability to work as a permanent, and on alternating current, what is required for welding different grades of stainless steel;
    • thoughtful selection of welding mode taking into account the thickness of the parts to be joined.

    Why order from us

    High quality

    We monitor the high quality of production of metal products and metal processing.

    Modern equipment

    We use advanced equipment from leading European manufacturers.

    Professional workers and specialists

    Our staff has only highly qualified personnel.

    Any complexity of work

    We carry out the most complex orders with high quality and with minimal material consumption

    Shortest lead times

    We provide quick miscalculations, production, and delivery. We carry out even very large volumes of work in a short time.

    Affordable prices

    Competitive pricing policy.

    What determines the final price of stainless steel welding??

    On stainless steel welding price determined by many factors, including project complexity, scope of required work, total weld length and selected welding technology. To clarify the cost and obtain a preliminary estimate, We recommend sending details of your project via the feedback form on our website.

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    • For quick calculation of the order value, upload drawings of finished parts and their flat pattern in DWG or DXF format using the form or send them to

    • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, material type, his brand, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

    • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

    • Drawings must be straight, arcs and polylines. No splines allowed. Enter your contacts (e-mail, telephone), so that we can contact you.