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Production of metal bushings

production of bushings to order

We manufacture bushings of any complexity to order on high-tech equipment. We accept orders for the mass production of metal bushings according to the deadlines you need. You can order an individual calculation of the project cost by sending us a finished drawing or by contacting the manager using the button below. We have many years of experience in the production of metal products to order any complexity.

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How to order the production of bushings to order?

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Discussion of tasks and approval of the drawing

Calculation of the cost of manufacturing metal bushings

Conclusion of a contract for mass production

Bushings are used in the assembly of almost any mechanical products and are parts of a cylindrical or conical shape. Divided into through and muted types. Custom bushings are made on lathes, which allow to produce asymmetric products with high precision. We manufacture metal bushings strictly according to approved requirements, we use high quality metal: for slide bushings – softer metal for ductile bonding.

What material are the bushings

Our company specializes exclusively in the production of metal bushings., but there are other materials, used in production. The choice of material depends on the mechanical product, for which a bushing is needed.
Bushings are made from such materials:

  • bronze – used for making bushings;
  • brass – used for making fittings;
  • steel – all types of bushings are made from it, including slotted;
  • special alloys – for products operating in high load mode;
  • plastic – considered to be cheaper, cannot bear heavy loads.

For advice on the material, you can contact our manager, who will answer all questions related to the production of metal bushings to order in our workshop.

Types of bushings by application

Bushings are used in different areas and are divided depending on the place of application.. Each type has its own functional features.. The main purpose of using bushings – it is the protection of moving mechanisms from abrasion and rapid wear.

The main types of bushings:

  • sliding bushings – used to reduce friction;
  • bearing bushings – used to install bearings;
  • threaded (internal and external) bushings – create new threaded holes;
  • adapter bushings – used in lathes and milling machines.

There are also components, fixing, conical, precision, spline bushings. To order, our company mass-produces any types of metal bushings. We use only high-precision equipment in the process.

Why you need to order the production of bushings from us?

Manufacturing large batches bushings in time

High accuracy works and quality sleeve

Processing of workpieces from various metals

Manufacturing sleeve any configuration and difficulties


  • For quick calculation of the order value, upload drawings of finished parts and their flat pattern in DWG or DXF format using the form or send them to

  • Along with the drawings, indicate the number of parts in your production, material type, his brand, material thickness, and the number of parts of each type.

  • Do not use special characters in the file name (quotes, brackets, dash), and symbols in Cyrillic.

  • Drawings must be straight, arcs and polylines. No splines allowed. Enter your contacts (e-mail, telephone), so that we can contact you.